Colora che ti passa!

Initiative born from the desire of many illustrators to be closer and help those who are closed at home in these difficult moments. Lines, spaces and designs that are just waiting to be filled with a thousand colors.


All the pages are available for free to everyone under a CC Sharealike license, to be downloaded, printed, and shared freely as they are, respecting the work of the people who generously donated them

For everyone

Coloring pages, games and activities for everyone. Simple images for the little ones, complex and detailed illustrations for the adults.

Let's color together!

We can't wait to see your pages in all their colorful glory, share them with the hashtag #colorachetipassa

What's the Colora che ti passa initiative?

Colora che ti passa (roughly translated as Color to bide your time) it’s our answer to the difficult times we are living in.

We made this archive of coloring pages for all the people, first and foremost children, confined to their homes. We hope to give them a moment of joy and relax, because we think that there’s magic in drawing and colors.

More than 150 illustrators

This all started from a small group of illustrators and friends, but now counts che collaboration of more than 150 illustrators from all over Italy (and other parts of the world too!).

Look at the list of all the illustrators and visit their pages to discover an amazing group of artists and lovely people.


About Us

All this started from a small idea that grew with the help of everyone. But a big thank you goes to the work and enthusiasm of a few girls that made this possible:  Laura e Luisa Lodetti, Arianna Nicora, Irene Renon, Roberta Ragona, Flavia Sorrentino, Elisabetta Stoinich e Margherita Zichella.

Coloring Pages

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